Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Last week Tim took the Big 3 on a trip to Disney as a surprise for their birthdays which take place in late spring and summer. (We took a video of them receiving the surprise a couple nights before, but our kids do not react to surprises; any footage we have of them receiving a surprise is laughably anticlimactic.) They made the six-hour drive on Easter Sunday morning and spent the rest of that day at Hollywood Studios where they met up with Tim's sister Kathy, her husband Brett and their girls, Sofia and Natalie. They spent the second day at Magic Kingdom, and then half of Tuesday at Epcot before driving home.

When they got home at 8:30 on Tuesday night, they came through the garage door into the kitchen, all of them talking at once about how much fun they'd had, and telling me stories.

Delaney: I had a mental breakdown my first day there.
Me: What?
Delaney: I lost my Magic Band right before I got on the Tower of Terror.
Tim: We were only three minutes into our first day. I was like, "Nooooooo!" So I asked the elevator conductor guy if, once the ride was over, we could go back and look for it. He asked, "Is it blue? Someone just turned this in!"

There were more magic band troubles, apparently. At one point when Tim wasn't around to see, Delaney's Magic Band snagged on a fence as she was turning around, and it fell on the wrong side of the fence. Someone had had to lift her over it so she could retrieve it. It's not clear who that someone was.

Another time Timmy was having some kind of fit, "pulling a Timmy" as Tim put it. The band fell on the ground somehow and Timmy, with a scowl, kicked it toward a body of water. (I could picture this happening as clearly as if I'd been there myself. That face, that body language, that temper of his.. Timmy, our sanguine child, is often the most joyful and affectionate; but he's got a red hot temper.) His cousin Sofia dove on top of it and saved it from going into the water. Thankfully, I'm told there were only a few short episodes of Timmy's dark moods. It was a vast improvement from the time we took him when he was only 3. I said never again Disney for a kid 3 or under, and I meant it! Tim tells me that Kathy commented more than once about how good Timmy's behavior was and what a happy demeanor he had.

Annie: The third time I went on the Tower of Terror, I was sitting next to Auntie Kathy and I knew what was going to happen, so I buried my face in her arm and cried. (Tim says they actually only went on it twice.)

Timmy was scared of all fast and twisty rides, as you can clearly see in a couple of the pictures below. His favorite rides were Soarin' and a race car ride (not Test Track). He had mixed feelings about Tower of Terror, and even though I've never been on it myself I think I can understand that. Tim says he liked talking about it but he didn't like being on it.

Delaney liked everything.

Tim had a great time for the most part, except for those few times that come up inevitably, when it's impossible to meet everyone's expectations (i.e., "Daddy, can we go on Soarin' now?" "No, the line is an hour-and-a-half long, and we have to meet Auntie Kathy and Uncle Brett and see what our first Fast Pass is for.") At times it was an exercise in learning patience. Speaking of Kathy and Brett, another thing that made it easy for Tim to have fun was being able to just show up without doing any of the planning because the two of them are Disney aficionodos. When you're only going to be at Disney for a short few days, the planning is really essential.

Something that drove him crazy was seeing how much food our kids wasted at the restaurants. He might have overeaten at times just so he didn't have to see it all go to waste.

Kathy texted me a lot of great pictures throughout their stay, and I loved seeing those happy faces.
I'm so happy for Tim and the kids that they were able to take this opportunity to go to Disney and spend time with some of our Massachusetts family for a few days. What a great memory for them all and a perfect 'experience' birthday gift for Delaney, Annie and Timmy.

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