Saturday, April 15, 2017

A visit from Grandy

My mom came down from Cincinnati for a few days so she could see us in our habitat here before we move away. We showed her a couple of the modest attractions our area has to offer, but mostly we hung around here playing games and taking walks. The kids weren't on spring break yet, but they had Friday off, which was the day she got here.

The kids couldn't wait to play games with her. That's their favorite activity that doesn't involve a screen. Grandy loves games too, so they were in luck. She wasn't shy about Sorrying some grandkids either. She also introduced the girls (and re-introduced me) to Spit, and that was lots of fun. There were a lot of laughs at that kitchen table.
My plan had been for all of us to go to the beach on Saturday, but Friday and Saturday were the chilliest days we've had in awhile. Instead we decied to go to the farmers' market in the morning, and then downtown for dinner later. As we were leaving the farmers' market, Mom realized that she didn't have her glasses, so she got back out to look and soon Tim followed. They came back empty-handed after awhile and that was disappointing. We left to go drop off our BOB stroller to a friend who was borrowing it and at some point Mom mentioned to me without Tim hearing, that those glasses were $300. She didn't even seem upset about it. I think she was trying not to be. When Tim and I got out of the car to knock at the friend's door I said to him with a grimace, "She says those glasses are $300." His eyes widened and I'm pretty sure he was thinking, 'No $300 glasses are getting lost today.' On the way back home he pulled into the parking lot of the farmers' market again. After looking through the pictures on my camera, he figured out they'd gotten lost at the playground. We all got out to look this time. I prayed to St. Anthony and walked with my head down, eyes combing the ground which was full of wood shavings and leaves. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack! After maybe 10 or 15 minutes had passed, Tim found it. I couldn't believe it, and I asked him where. He said they were on top of a fence post. Somebody had picked them up and left them there. I was so relieved and happy, but not as much as Mom. She remarked that she hadn't wanted to inconvenience us, but she'd have spent all day out there looking if she could have. I believe it too. I remember the time back when I was a kid, we were driving through the mountains on our way to the beach and Mom and Dad backtracked some 70 miles to a McDonald's to search for a missing retainer. In the dumpster. They found it too, tucked inside a ketchup cup.
Mom was completely in love with the huge trees in our neighborhood and all the Spanish moss. I agree they're beautiful, and I will miss looking at them.
This entire week was meant to be the kids' spring break, but after the hurricane, Monday and Tuesday became makeup days. The kids went to school Monday, and that night I had a decision to make. Tuesday was Mom's last day here, and the weather was supposed to be beautiful. I really wanted us all to go to the beach. I'd been hankering after a beach trip all spring long and I'd really, really wanted to go while Mom was here. It wouldn't have been a tough call if not for the days they'll already be missing, with the surprise Disney trip and Grace's wedding. But in the end, after weighing a day of school against a day of making memories with Grandy, there was no question. YOLO.
Mom told me on the phone the day after she left how much she'd enjoyed the one-on-one time with us. One-on-one time, especially with grandkids, can be hard to come by even with the ones she lives close to and sees all the time. It was such a gift to us as well. Delaney really enjoys Grandy humor, and I wish I could share an example, but it's 'you had to be there' kind of stuff.

Annie says her favorite part about Grandy's visit was when we went to the beach, and ordered pizza for dinner, and had Italian ice afterward. I think Annie's best memories all revolve around food.  

It wasn't too hard to drop her off at the airport on Wednesday, knowing we'll be seeing her next month in Cincinnati and the month after in Topsail, NC!

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