Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Sunday Best Episode 7: Evacuation

I don't have a great picture of my Sunday best, or rather my Saturday evening "best", but Delaney snapped this picture of me earlier on Saturday. I wore this shirt to Mass later, along with my mint necklace, skinny jeans and booties. It sounds put together, but I feel a little 'blah' about the few items of clothing I've been mixing and matching since we had to pack up and leave in advance of Hurricane Matthew. I wish I would have packed at least a couple more outfits, because it's looking like we'll be gone a solid week once this is is said and done, and the washers and dryers here are $2 apiece to use.
We ended up going to Atlanta after several hours of Tim calling around trying to find a place that had suites available and breakfast included, to try to make us as comfortable as possible. Tuesday was a crazy day that started out just like any other day, until Tim got a phone call and we found out we'd have to leave the next day. I didn't like having to scramble around and pack bags and get the house ready on such short notice, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I was just grateful Tim wasn't traveling, and the two of us got to do this as a team!
Our hotel suite at Embassy Suites is really nice. The first room is a living room, with lots of seating and a big TV. Behind that is a little hallway with a bathroom, closet, sink, mini fridge and microwave. Behind that, and behind a door, is the bedroom with two queen beds and Joey's pack 'n play in a corner next to the dresser. Tim remembered his white noise machine (yay, Tim), so it's on the dresser, and he's got a nice dark little nook to sleep in. He slept well the first night and I thought things couldn't get any better, but he's gone more and more downhill since that first night. Made to order breakfast and drinks from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. are included. I've been enjoying my little margarita every night.

The good news is that the damage was minimal on Parris Island, where we live. There was the flooding which is par for the course with heavy rain, a few trees down, lots of tree limbs down, but no damage to any of the houses that I've heard of. The surrounding city and town were a little worse off, and I think the general is waiting on the all clear from officials there, before telling us we're allowed back on. I've been eagerly following the updates as they clear the roads, restore power and get the hospital back open, because these things all get us closer to going back home.

I have not been handling the sleep deprivation so well, with Joey up all the time at night and thinking that 4 a.m. is a great time to start the day. I keep forgetting to try to enjoy this little trip we all get to take together, because more than anything I want to our home and our routines. I keep getting sad about my plants that are dying on the back porch, but I know plants are easy to replace. We are suffering only minor inconveniences compared to so many people, and I keep reminding myself of that. I'm ashamed to even be complaining.

We've been keeping ourselves busy as much as possible, checking out a local walking trail, park, the Georgia Aquarium, doing a little bit of shopping, using the hotel pool, and maybe keeping ourselves a little TOO well fed at restaurants. We found the best little pizza place yesterday, and I have a feeling we'll be making our way back there before we head back home.

We were talking about going to the zoo today but Annie woke up this morning with a fever, and has spent most of the day either sleeping or resting, and not touching her chicken noodle soup. I stayed with her while Tim took the other three out for a walk and lunch. Currently it is naptime/ quiet time for everyone but me since Tim gave me a few extra hours of sleep this morning after another rough night and as a result I'm not tired right now. We'll probably keep it a quiet rest of the day. Timmy keeps asking about the pool so we'll probably do that after dinner.

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to:
Because I'm a dork, one of the first items on the agenda after our arrival was to get Tim to take my picture in front of the Cobb Energy Center. It's the CDC in season 2 of The Walking Dead, and I was excited to see it was right across the street from where we're staying.
Joey's up from his nap now, and I'd better pay him some attention and start figuring out how the rest of this day is going to go. Annie seems to be perking up a little bit since she was the one who jumped at the chance to go get him out of his bed. 

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  1. Oh man how frustrating that you guys still can't get home!! I love that you're able to make a little vacation out of it, though :) Hope that baby starts sleeping better soon!!

    1. Thanks, Rosie! We got the all-clear to head home the next morning, and it is so good to be home. We're getting Joe back on track too.

  2. Glad that your family is safe...even if it's not the most convenient "vacation." Like Rosie said, prayers that sleep is in your future. :)

  3. We recently visited the GA Aquarium - I love, love, love that place!! The World of Coca Cola is also pretty nifty, if you guys can swing that, too!

    Praying you all will get to go home sooner, rather than later. Until then, enjoy the last-minute, unplanned family adventure. Sometimes, those create the best memories!

    1. We thought about taking them to The World of Coca-Cola, but we didn't know if they'd get much out of it since they don't know what Coca-Cola is.

  4. You are so amazing and positive about this whole experience. I am so sorry you have had this troubles with your family and the hurricane. I love your pictures of the fun you have had. I pray you will get home soon!