Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Joey: 10 Months

Throughout those many months of longing before we were blessed with Joe, it was always a newborn baby I pictured in my mind's eye. A soft, fragrant newborn sleeping peacefully in my arms. I just wanted to hold another teeny tiny baby of ours. It occurs to me as I look back over the last 10 months that the stage of babyhood that we're in now is so much more enjoyable than the newborn stage. I think that's the way it was with the other three too. Newborns are exquisite, and finally having that little one out of my belly and in my arms was always amazing; but then the days and weeks after that were an exhausted blur. I never felt like I relished the newborn days the way I hoped or expected to, because it was so much work and I was so tired and sore. Then with Joey being colicky, I felt like it was all I could do just to survive until he came through that phase. But now.. he fills me with so much joy. He keeps amazing me more and more as I look into his eyes and see his mind working. He keeps finding more ways to express himself, and is so playful and silly and curious. We can't get enough of loving on him and making him laugh. I told him today that he had exceeded maximum cuteness. I just want to gobble him up!
I love his drowsy nursing sessions, when he closes his eyes and rests and I stare at him and hold his little foot in my hand. He hasn't been my best nursling overall because when he's awake and alert he is super impatient, antsy and distracted; but based on those sleepy nursing sessions, I feel like we can at least make it through cold and flu season before weaning. That's my goal. In the meantime, he is eating more and more solid foods, and is a pro with a sippy cup. He tries a little bit of everything we eat. Sometimes he'll eat a lot of what I'm eating and other times he gives me this look that's hilarious, like, woman, are you trying to kill me? and lets the food fall back out of his mouth. Case in point, today's tuna at lunch. Can't really blame him for that. Plain tuna is not much fun to eat.
Joe took a bite out of the pumpkin and discovered it wasn't too tasty.
We have a crib set up for him in Timmy's room, but we are no closer to getting him in it. He's been sleeping mostly well in the guest room though. I still do the dream feed at 10, and then he sometimes makes it until 6 when he's allowed to get up. When he wakes up and cries before that (usually around 4) I just go in there and tell him to lie down, pat his bum, whisper sweet nothings and tell him he's got to go back to sleep. He typically does. Timmy's room isn't much farther for me to walk and Timmy's a heavy sleeper, so what's the hesitation? Well, for one thing there's no space in Timmy's room for the glider rocker. His changing table and clothes our still in our room. So once he's in the room with Timmy I'll be nursing him in one room, changing him in a another, and putting him to bed in another. It's kind of a mess, but at least we'll only have to deal with it for a few months before we move. 

By December it will be done. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and do it right after the time change since that's going to mess him up anyway.

Like his three siblings before him, he is developing preferences about everything. Here are some of his likes:
-  Ice cream (I shared a little with him once when we all went out for ice cream; it would have been rude not to. At least he didn't demand his own cone!)
- Baths (he crawls as fast as he can, slap-slap-slap, toward the sound of running water.)
- Going for rides in his running stroller
- Opening cabinets and removing the contents one by one and scattering them around
- Climbing everything 

Here are some his dislikes:

- Being changed or dressed (it's a wrestling match every time)
- When someone takes something away from him (he tightens his grip and emits a piercing shriek)
- When someone, usually a sibling, won't get out of his face (he whines loudly and tries to push them away.)
- Hotel rooms, as he reminded us during our Atlanta "hurrication". We brought his own little pack 'n play and bedding, his white noise machine, he had a nice dark little corner of the room, and still he slept worse and worse every night we were there. It was pretty painful for us, especially me as I strove to keep him quiet so the other kids wouldn't wake up. By the time we finally got the all clear to return home, I was at the end of my rope. Relieved just wasn't the word. Immediately upon returning home he started sleeping much better.
At his 9-month doctor visit he weighed in at just under 19 pounds, only in the 20th percentile. He's small but mighty. He's still in 6-12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. He's got fat little feet like Delaney's were.

Six months after his all-fired rush to crawl at four months, he's still crawling happily, cruising somewhat, and not trying to stand his own yet. I don't anticipate any first steps happening until at least 11 months.

Can't wait to see what the next month holds, but wow, it is going by fast.


  1. That's how my early crawler was too! I was so surprised he didn't walk super early (I guess 10 months is still early, but I was expecting 8-9 after crawling at 4! He's SO cute, makes me want another, I have to stop reading baby posts!

    1. Yeah, I was sure he'd be the one who walked at 9 or 10 months (I was 9 months myself!), but thankfully that has not been the case.