Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Sunday Best Episode 4: Back to Our Little Chapel

This picture was taken a few hours after Mass, and don't look too closely at it. Apparently I must have swiped my hand across my eye at some point in in the day, and smeared mascara right into one of my crow's feet. I didn't even know it until I looked at this photo, so it's a good thing I didn't go anywhere like that.
Shorts: J.Crew via ThredUp; blouse: Old Navy
I'm getting to where I kind of never want to see my summer clothes again. I want it to be fall, I want to put on sweaters and leggings and LAYERS again. But I'm out of luck because it is hotter than blazes here, and fall weather doesn't come until December (although I usually jump the gun on fall clothes sometime in September). I keep digging through my closet again and again to see if there's anything I missed. When I got back here from Massachusetts a couple weeks ago, I discovered that I had, despite eating an ice cream cone every day, lost the last of the baby weight -- and could now wear these aqua shorts. So I've been wearing them a lot. They fit perfectly, but I don't know if they look right on me. They look crooked, but maybe it's me that's crooked .. But they fit! This morning I paired them with this black blouse that I hadn't worn in forever but had been unwilling to get rid of. I'm so glad I didn't get rid of it because it came in handy, and now I realize I really like it. Black and aqua, can't go wrong with that. (I feel like every other thing I own is some variation of aqua/turquoise/teal/mint, and so be it. I love that color family!)

We're back to our little base chapel again for the second week I think, the dead cockroach is finally gone, and the a/c works -- hooray! The singer moved away, and now it's just the organist playing the music and singing. That hasn't been going well. We think the poor lady can either sing OR play the organ, NOT both at the same time. She can't get it together, and the music has been weird. But she is up there and she is giving it her best, and for that I have profound admiration. If I didn't sound like a dying cat when I sing I might volunteer to help her.

I want to meet the new people I've been seeing, but by the time Mass is over, we are too weary to be sociable on the front steps with everyone else. Wrangling Mr. Squirmypants Joey is a workout, and then there's the constant warnings we have to give to five-year-old Timmy for his less than stellar behavior. He still can't find it within himself to behave for one hour a week at Mass.  As a consequence he had to miss out on Ice Age: Collision Course at the base movie theater this afternoon. Then there's been Tim's bad back this weekend, the heat, and it's 11:30 and we're all hungry for lunch. Maybe next week!

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  1. Oh man that's such a tough thing about Mass with kids - you *want* to meet the other families but EVERYBODY is so exhausted from running the gauntlet that is Mass with children that nobody has the energy to socialize afterwards!