Thursday, July 14, 2016

20 Questions for Delaney at Age 9

1. Who is your favorite person in the world? Daddy.

2. What is your favorite color? Blue.

3. What is your favorite TV show? (Thinks for awhile) Does it have to be a TV show? (I tell her no.) The Secret Life of Pets.
4. What is your favorite outfit? I'll wear anything. (Clothes that are comfy seem to be her favorite. Lately she's been wearing the cotton bike shorts that I got for them to wear under play dresses, with almost any top. As I asked her these questions she was wearing tie-dye blue and white bike shorts with a navy and red Red Sox tank top. She is an individual.)

5. What is your favorite sport? Football.

6. What is your favorite song? (She has to think about it.) Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day. (Luke Bryan for the win!)
7. What is your favorite cereal? Kashi Heart 2 Heart. (Of course it's the uber-expensive cereal that pretends to be healthy but is really just a denser version of Cheerios with extra sugar! That's a favorite of mine too!)

8. Who is your best friend? Norah.

9. What do you want to be when you grow up? A vet.
10. What's your favorite book? (Again, no obvious answer comes to mind. Delaney is ALWAYS reading something, and she likes a lot of books.) Max.

11. What are you really good at? Putting my tongue on my nose.

12. Where do you wish you could go on vacation? Massachusetts. (How nice, since that's where we happen to be spending our entire July and the first part of August.)
13. What is your best memory? When we were in North Carolina, jumping into the snow off that little playground thingamajiggy we had.

14. What would you buy if you had a thousand dollars? A thousand doggies. (I tell her that I think doggies cost more than a dollar.) A lot of doggies then.

15. What is your favorite vegetable? Corn.
16. If you could have a wish, what would it be? To have a doggy. (Years ago, somehow, someway, Delaney extracted a promise from us that she'll get a dog when she's 10. And we never promise these kids anything. They get 'We'll always love you', and that's pretty much it. Maybe we didn't use the word 'promise', but at some point we said, "You'll get a dog when you're 10." Back when 10 seemed so far away. Back when we assumed she'd forget everything we told her anyway. Hahaha. Delaney has been counting down the years. We're going to make good on the dog promise, but she knows that it will probably need to wait until AFTER we move and get settled into a new house next summer, so at least end of July or August. Then we have to pick the perfect dog for our family that we aren't going to instantly regret, and that will probably take some time. Delaney has researched and chosen Australian cattle dog as the breed that is the best fit for our family. I also wouldn't be opposed to rescuing a mutt. But it had better be a good mutt. I'm going to have to brace myself for a lot of dog talk as the one-year countdown begins and the anticipation builds!)

For the record, I like dogs too, but I know from past experience that the wrong dog can really make for some bad days. The one who barks all the time. The one who poops or pees in the house. The one who destroys the furniture. The one who's always trying to chew on me. The one who's trying to escape and harass other people and their dogs. The one who needs more attention than a baby, and I already have one of those. I know there are also many good dogs out there that I've also seen for myself. I want to make sure we get one of the good ones!

17. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate.

18. Who is your biggest hero? Daddy.

19. What do you like to do with your friends? Play with doggies!

20. What do you hope to do before your next birthday? Get a doggy.

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