Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Sunday Best, Episode 3: The Humblest Little Chapel

We got back from our week in Florida yesterday afternoon, and this morning it was our usual Mass at the base chapel. I don't think I've ever darkened the door of a more humble place of worship in my life. The building is completely non-descript. Inside it is dark and dank smelling like a basement. It is climate control-challenged -- too hot in summer, too cold in the winter for anyone not in perimenopause. The ceiling fans turn but there is nary a breeze to be felt. A statue of Jesus stands in an armoire, the doors flung wide and Jesus' arms outstretched. Behind the alter there's a revolving section of the wall. Our side has a crucifix on a background of wallpaper; it can be turned around to reveal a wallpaper I like better, with a cross on it. We always sit in the same pew and in the row in front of us, almost directly in front of my spot is a cockroach corpse that's been there for several weeks. I watch it in fascination sometimes, and wonder how long it will last. The organist plays well, but the singer -- God bless her -- is so off-key and out of sync with the organist. I admire her just for being up there because I know I couldn't do the job any better. (Tim and I also think the organist could help her out a little more because she seems like she has professional training, but chooses not to. We could be wrong about that.)

Given all that, it's impossible to explain why I love going to that chapel, and why I miss it when we're away. If we want to we can drive 20 minutes away to the nearest big, beautiful Catholic church out in town, and it's really nice there. But most of the time I'm really glad to just go down the street to our poor little chapel that is obviously THE very lowest priority in the budget. I like the little community here, and I like not feeling super embarrassed when Joey acts up. His loudness seems like it belongs here. (But not Timmy's. At almost five, his loudness is always out of place at Mass.) Spiritually, I feel like I'm still in an infant/toddler stage myself -- so distracted, selfish and undisciplined. But here in this utterly unimpressive space, my mind is quieter and more focused (most of the time, at least!) on what it ought to be.

Here's what I wore:
My apologies for the extremely poor quality of the photo on the left. The real star of the outfit today is the multitasking mint necklace my sister Anna gave me for my birthday. It's a necklace for me and a toy for Joey (while I'm wearing it). The beads are silicone, and they're on a nylon cord with a plastic clasp. I had literally just the day before been thinking, 'What if there was a necklace that wouldn't hurt my neck when Joey plays with it?' The next day, as if she'd read my mind, she gave me this. I may never take it off. It's from RubyRoo Baby, and it will be my go-to baby shower gift for awhile.

The dress is from New York and Company, and Joey's romper is Carter's, which I see he has outgrown in a matter of days. Who does he think he is, to keep growing like that?
This is our last Sunday here until I guess the second week of August. We're leaving on Wednesday to spend the next few weeks in Massachusetts with Tim's side of the family. We'll be staying with his parents. I hope they're ready because their house is about to get Ca-Razy! We're going to enjoy going outdoors during the day, spending time with family, and doing lots of fun things. Tim will be with us for the beginning and end of the trip, and will be dividing the rest of his time between his office here and some work trips.

It will be August before we know it. I'll have to see if that cockroach is still waiting there for me on our first Sunday back at our little chapel.

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  1. Multi purpose necklaces are the best with little ones. You look cute and keep them entertained! Winning at life haha

  2. Multi purpose necklaces are the best with little ones. You look cute and keep them entertained! Winning at life haha

  3. Very cute dress, and I love the necklace! Mint is my favorite and so functional!!

  4. I love your reflection about your base chapel - I totally get it! My home parish growing up is just about the least-aesthetically pleasing place ever, but I still have such fond memories of it and always kind of feel at home when we go back :)

    Such a pretty dress - perfect with that necklace!