Monday, April 4, 2016

Little Things

I just wanted to share some things that bring a smile to my face lately.

First of all, new pillow covers. How many times have I looked at the shelves of throw pillows at TJ Maxx and wished that someone would just sell covers. Nobody needs that many pillows taking up space in their house! Besides I am so fickle about fabric/colors/prints. Just ask Tim, he's been dealing with me for years. What I like today is in the Goodwill bag tomorrow. I had two pillow inserts hidden away in a closet because I hated the covers they had come with. Then I discovered pillow covers at H&M of all places. I got a set of these yellow diamond pattern ones for $6 each. They are like a breath of fresh air in my living room.
Then there's our kitchen table. Periodically for months, we've tossed around different ideas about what to do with it. We bought it used about a year-and-a-half ago, and it has not held up so well to the beating our kids gave it. It had been someone's special occasion dining room table, and it probably wasn't meant to be fully extended and used for eating, art projects and everything else the way is now. Tim hated the way the tabletop bowed in the middle. We both hated the cracks where the leaves are connected, that kept pulling apart and hiding all manner of food within. We talked about Tim building a new table. We came close to buying another complete set of tables and chairs used. We talked about Tim building a new table top and using the legs we had. We thought about hiring some guy in the mountains of North Carolina to build us one. Finally Tim flipped the table over and figured out a way to brace it really well and keep the bowing and cracks to just the tiniest minimum. After that we decided the only real change needed was fabric for the chairs. What was on there was some green microsuede that I never liked, but I found the idea of choosing new fabric to be pretty daunting. As time went on and we became less happy with the set, I didn't even want to bother. But once we were committed to the idea of making this set work for us for at least a few more years, I got serious about deciding on fabric. I picked something out on, ran it by Tim, took a deep breath and ordered it. I hoped I wouldn't change my mind about it because remember, I'm fickle, and changing the upholstery on chairs isn't as easy as changing out pillow covers! This past weekend Tim recovered all the chairs with it and all I can keep saying again and again is, "We should have done this a long time ago!"

Here's a before shot of what was on the chairs. I had to take some last pictures of the awesome butt print that Tim always left on his.
And here's the after. No more butt prints.
Tim sprayed all of it with Scotch Guard so hopefully it will stay looking nice for a good long while. 
Lastly, here are some blooms that Annie brought me, sitting in the mason jars I painted last year in craft club. These little trees bloom around here for such a short time.
Sometimes, especially when it comes to making a house feel like a home, it is all about the little things.

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