Monday, April 18, 2016

Joey: 4 Months

Joey, a.k.a. "Joe-Joe Beans", "Josey", "Shnoogum" or just "Mister" has had a fun month. We continue to be in amazement at what a happy baby he is, and how much different he was just a couple months ago. Tim told me the other day I'd "loved him into submission." Ha! That's what I do.

I just took him to the doctor this morning, and he weighs 15 lbs 3 oz (55th percentile) and is 25.43 inches long (68th percentile). He's right about the same as Timmy was as a baby. And just like Timmy started to do around that time, he is turning into another little blondie. He's got cradle cap that I'm going to need to take care of, and once that's gone he'll have some shiny EVOO-infused blond locks. (Not so) fun fact: The pediatrician told me today that cradle cap is caused by yeast. Blech! I thought it was just dry scalp. We still can't really tell his eye color. Right now I'd say brown or hazel will be what they end up.
He loves to stand up any chance he gets and his legs are getting super strong. I finally took pity on him after watching him try to stand up in the rock 'n play so many times, so this week I'm selling it and getting him a walker instead. He'll be able to stand in the kitchen as much as he wants while I'm doing what I need to do. In a few months he'll learn to roll in it and he'll have a blast doing laps around the house on our hard floors.
His favorite toys are his feet, which he discovered at some point in the last month, and now he's always trying to catch them and stuff his toes in his mouth. He also entertains himself on his belly on a blanket with some toys. He likes to gnaw on his lovey too, or roll around in his little play gym. It's very nice that he can be occupied different ways while he's awake.
He loves to "talk" with us and since he has no words he says it with spit. "Joey's blowing happy bubbles!" his siblings say as he smiles at them and blows raspberries.

He's regressed a little bit as far as nighttime sleep goes. He still goes to bed around 7:30 or 8, but then he has been typically waking up twice before he gets up for the day between 7 and 8. Still no nap schedule, just laying him down when I think he's due for one. He's in such a good mood afterward, so playful and lovable.
He did really well traveling for the first time, and that was quite a relief considering how much he's always disliked his car seat. We drove from here to Charlotte, then Charlotte to Cincinnati. The following weekend we went straight from Cincinnati back here -- 10 hours worth of driving that took us 12. He slept for an hour or two at a time, fussed, then went back to sleep. When he woke up about the second time, we'd stop so I could feed him and let him stretch his little legs. Tim remembers it as being worse, but the sound of his crying bothers him a lot more than it does me, especially if it's just fussy crying and not the hysterical kind. Whenever I'd go to get him out of his chair, he'd be damp with sweat even though he was only wearing a onesie. He slept soundly in our hotel room for two nights in Charlotte, and with the exception of the first night he slept well at my mom's. We brought his pack 'n play and his white noise machine, so he had that familiarity. But when all is said and done, the kids in this family have to be good travelers; they don't have a choice!

Something he likes to do that always catches my attention because it's a little strange, is he turns his hand backward. He does it while he's nursing and while he's on his belly. Here are a couple examples of what I'm talking about. When I mentioned it to my mom she said he reminded her of a little turtle. I could see that.
What else, for future reference..? He wears mostly 3-6, some 6-9, and is in a size 2 diaper. I am back to using only disposables after my cloth diapers became mysteriously smelly even after multiple washes. I appreciate now, more than ever, what a luxury disposables are. 

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