Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Last Week's Happenings

Tim's parents took the Big 3 on a three-day Disney cruise to the Bahamas last week. They were originally going to take just the girls but back in November, right before they were going to break the news, Timmy just happened to say in front of everyone, "I wish I could go on a Disney cruise." We had honestly never mentioned a word of it -- he must have seen a commercial. All the adults exchanged wide-eyed looks and Tim Sr was on the phone with his travel agent that night. Bringing along another little body meant quite the upgrade in ship accommodations so Timmy should feel very special. Right after they got back Tim Sr remarked to me something along the lines of, there was no way they could have taken the girls and left Timmy. This instance, along with Annie's sad scene when Delaney went back with him and Alexa to Massachusetts this past summer, has me thinking that more and more, when it comes to family stuff at least, these three are a package deal.

Here are some of my favorite pictures Tim Sr took. It was hard waiting until they got home to see pictures. I've gotten so accustomed to instant gratification with texting and Facebook, but they were in airplane mode from the time the ship left Florida until it came back. I had to just imagine all the fun they were having and hope no one was seasick. If they were, there was nothing I could do about it anyway.
They had lots of fun with their cousins Sofia and Natalie.
They came back to their room and found Timmy's underwear on a towel monkey -- so funny!
Of course they couldn't be bothered to smile the one and only time their grandparents were in the frame with them. Stinkers.
Meanwhile back here, Tim took a few days off work to hang out with Joey and me. With three-quarters of our brood out of the house we seized the opportunity to clean and de-clutter a couple of kids' rooms, and I mopped the floors. Then they stayed clean .. ahhh. Joey hates car rides so we had to limit our excursions to only a couple. We had a successful visit to the outlets 45 minutes away, and I got some new workout and lounge clothes -- Fun! Then Joey cried every time we stopped at a light all the way home. (Never knew how many freaking lights there were..) We spent a fun morning walking around Savannah one day. Savannah is an hour away but with fewer lights between here and there so less crying for Joey. One thing we did not do during this time was eat dinner at a restaurant. We remembered all too well what a fiasco it had been last time when I don't even think I tasted the food I was scarfing down, I was so stressed. Instead, Tim cooked some awesome dinners that we ate at our own table with boxed wine while a baby napped in his bed.
Savannah, such a pretty city
One night Joey went to bed early, and for the first time in two months we watched a show on Netflix. Season 1 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. That is a show we would love to watch again, but Joey has not gone to bed early since. Also, we can't agree on how to watch it now that the other kids are back. I say we watch it on the laptop so that when Timmy wanders out of his bedroom as he is wont to do occasionally (like every night), he won't see or hear anything gory. Tim only wants to watch it on the big screen noisy TV. We're at an impasse. Oh well, who knows when we'll get another chance to watch anyway.
They got back on Sunday and the kids came in the door with sun-kissed cheeks talking all at once about how much fun they'd had, and showing us the things they'd brought home. We were so happy for them. After dinner we sang happy birthday to Tim Sr whose birthday is on the 26th. 
They left this morning to go to St. Augustine for a couple days, and then back to Massachusetts. We'll see them again in July.

And now it's back to reality.

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