Thursday, February 11, 2016

I broke up with Stitch Fix:(

Tim got Joey to sleep right before heading back to work after lunch, so I've got a few minutes to spare to drink tea and write about something completely frivolous. Yay!

So, I've been getting every-other-month shipments from Stitch Fix for probably about a year, and have really enjoyed it. If you're not familiar, the way it goes is you pay a $20 "styling fee", a "stylist" chooses five things for you based on your profile and whatever you may have asked for and recommended. You get the box of five things, look at them, try them on and decide what you want to keep. Your $20 styling fee goes toward whatever you keep, and if you keep everything you get a 25% discount on the total. Whatever you don't keep goes back in a bag with postage already paid. You go online and review each thing you received, what you liked about it, what you didn't, your opinion on the experience, that kind of thing. The idea is the more they know about you, the better chance they have of making you happy. You can schedule "Fixes" to come automatically as often as you choose, cancel anytime, or just ask for one whenever you want. I was on an every-other-month schedule and it was always something I looked forward to. What I liked best about it was when they would pick something for me that I would not necessarily pick for myself, but I'd end up loving it. It was a great way to freshen up my wardrobe. It took me several years after becoming a mom to come to the realization that I didn't NEED to look like a frump all the time, and that putting effort into my appearance on a (somewhat) daily basis is a good thing. Stitch Fix helped me a lot with this.

Until recently.

For December I asked for things I could use in the postpartum phase, hoping for maybe a tunic that could go over leggings and was nursing friendly .. or another cute open drapey cardigan I could wear over a nursing tank, which I correctly assumed would be my uniform after the baby came. Something along those lines. But that was not to be. Among other things, they sent me what I could only describe as a housecoat. It was made out of rayon or some other shiny fabric and it had a print, but it was shaped like a housecoat. And if I'm going to wear a housecoat it had better be comfy. I didn't think I was at the point of wearing housecoats yet, although on some days a housecoat would be an improvement honestly. There was no top that was long enough for leggings, and that was disappointing because those are the hardest for me to find. (I did see some in Target a few days ago, though!) There was a cardigan that was cute but it was made of a scratchy fabric, and cardigans are too easy to find anywhere. I ended up keeping one thing -- a flowy blouse I could wear with skinny jeans. I was a little bummed over only keeping one thing, but figured that my requests for postpartum and nursing friendly clothes had confused the young stylist.

I had higher hopes for the box that came a few days ago because I had told the stylist in my note a few ideas of things I hoped to get, and I had updated my Pinterest style board with a few examples. I reminded her in the note to check my Pinterest. Again, a long top that could go with leggings was tops on my list since I hadn't gotten it last time. Again, I mentioned I could always use another cardigan. I figured it was a long shot that it would fit, but I asked for a pair of jeggings. Oh, and I asked for a dress that was casual and nursing friendly, something nice to wear for Joey's baptism this month.

The long-anticipated package arrived and let's say it fell far short of expectations. First of all, it contained a big shiny purple purse. If I wanted a big shiny purple purse, which I don't, I would get it from TJ Maxx, not Stitch Fix. On to the next thing -- a tunic? Blouse? Annie was next to me as I pulled it out of the box with a frown. She said, "I like the style of it." She meant the print, that's what she liked. I tried it on. I didn't bother trying to put an outfit together with it because I already knew I hated it.
Yikes. It was nursing friendly, I gave it that. But look what it did to my middle -- the part of me where most of my remaining 15 pounds of baby weight sits. It just added another 10 pounds! Who would wear this thing? Who wants to maximize their midsection whether they're postpartum or not? It's like putting a spare tire around your spare tire! Even on my skinniest day I would not wear this. 

I won't show you a picture of the boring green cardigan in a rough fabric or the black faux wrap dress in a heavy shiny black fabric. Why black? I already have a black dress from Stitch Fix. Why not another color or a print this time? Oh well. Maybe they didn't have those things in their inventory. But what really ticked me off were the black skinny jeans. They were an exact duplicate of the ones that were in my first Fix a year ago! Same size, color, everything. Why'd you have to do me like that, Stitch Fix?

Obviously, I made clear my dissatisfaction in the review and promptly sent everything back. I hoped they would offer to credit the $20 since they had sent a repeat item. But they haven't offered and most likely won't because they don't need my business. 

By now you might be wondering why, if I have this Pinterest board and know what I like, I just don't buy the stuff myself? To that I'd say you're right, I do pretty much know what I want and what suits my body type better than the Stitch Fix stylist. Perhaps it's time I graduated. That's why, with a sad sigh, I cancelled my subscription. What I'll miss is the element of surprise, like "Oh look the ___ I asked for, only with a detail I didn't expect." Or "Here's something I didn't ask for and didn't know I wanted. Fun!" For that I was happy to pay significantly more for an item than I would pay at the places I usually shop. No more. Tim said he'll be my Stitch Fix. He has good taste and I like everything he's gotten for me in the last five years. I'm looking forward to my box of surprise clothes, hon.;)

So long, Stitch Fix! 

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