Thursday, March 19, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~Capturing the context of contentment in every day life~ 

I've gotten lazy about blogging again, so I thought now would be a good time to join Like Mother, Like Daughter and do one of these.  I say "lazy", but it isn't really laziness that's the problem. I have a whole lot to say; I just don't know where to start.  I think this is just what I need to get myself taking pictures and blogging again.  I'm going to try to make it a date every Thursday and see how it goes.

I have spent almost a week working on this post, and I have to say that pretty and happy have been really easy to find, while funny and real have been a bit trickier.  I'm treating it like a challenging assignment that just has to get done and doesn't need to be perfect.  I can do it!

A big southern porch like this one demands some greenery, but I am kind of a brown thumb.  No more, I say!  A couple people, my mom being one of them I think, told me that ferns would do well in this shady area.  A few days ago I went out and picked some up, and I shrieked for joy like a little girl when I saw how pretty they looked hanging up.  In my online research into care of ferns, I read that they have a "strong survival instinct."  I didn't know it was possible for a plant to have any kind of instinct, but that will serve them well at my house!  

Annie and Timmy spend a lot of their time together NOT getting along, so whenever I see her reading to him, my heart sings. She reads to him often, especially on weekends.  At bedtime, too, when I'm reading something to Delaney that doesn't interest them, she'll read to him in his room.  On Friday evening when it got kind of quiet I said to Tim, "What do you think they're up to?"  Once in a while I catch them being good, and this was one of those times!  It really does happen, and it gives me reason to hope that one day they won't always be picking on each other incessantly.

{funny and real}
Pickin' and grinnin'
Just as we were arriving at the Y yesterday morning, Timmy had this to share with me: "Mama, I like my boogers better than your dinner."  I gasped, feigning outrage, and sputtered, "What?!  You like your boogers better than my dinners?  You don't want tacos tonight, you just want boogers?"  He said, "Well, I still like your dinners.  And I like boogers too."  Ick!


  1. LOL! I have a nose picker too - it's gross, but also kinda funny ;)
    I am soooo in love with your front porch. We are house hunting and a farmers porch is on my list of preferences!
    Such a sweet pictures of Annie reading to Timmy :) Those are the moments we need to remember to help us keep our sanity!

    1. What, you're house hunting? I would have never guessed, after seeing all the pictures you post of your gorgeous home! Looking for something with another bedroom?