Saturday, August 31, 2013

1st week of school

Tim made her cute little sign.  
First week of school is done.  Phew.  It was a bumpy start this year.

I loved getting away on a vacation the week right before school, and I wouldn't go back and change a thing,  but .. it turns out that it would have made life a little easier had we gone to the school's open house which took place during that week.  At the open house, parents filled out some important forms, and they also received the teacher's supply list.  At the top of the paper the list is written on, it says to drop the supplies off on the day of the open house.  But that list was not mailed to us before the open house.  It ended up coming home with Delaney on the first day.  That was annoying.  We had used the generic 1st grade list provided on the school's website to do our last minute shopping trip the weekend before.  Her teacher's list was a lot different, and some of the items on it could not be found anywhere.  I've been out and back to several stores looking for things like marble composition books.  And I've experienced a lot of confusion because many of the things I've sent in have been coming back to me in her backpack untouched.  The start of kindergarten seemed to be a lot more organized and less hectic.
It was tough having to get her up at 10 after 6 again.  The bus still picks her up around 7 and drops her off in the afternoon around 3:15.  She already has homework, even though it's review for right now.  We also have to read books together every night.  Delaney is a great reader, but it's hard to get her to do anything when she's in a terrible mood.  She gets plenty of sleep but she's not a morning person, and I think she's just going to need some time to get used to school days again.  I can't blame her for that as we've all been trying to get over our "summer hangover", as Tim put it.  There were times she just collapsed on the floor and cried her eyes out.

Tim didn't go back to work until Wednesday, and I was really glad to have him there to help get Delaney back on track.

Toward the end of last school year, I found it easier to just leave at 7:30 and drive her to school in the morning, and I believe I'll start doing that again.  This way she gets a little more sleep since she doesn't have to get up until around 6:45.  Tim and I disagree a little on this.  He thinks that if I drive her to school, I'm letting her determine the routine since that's what she'd rather do.  Furthermore, if the school provides a bus, why use our own gas to get her there?  Another thing that just occurred to me is that if Delaney gets up later, she'll be missing that time in the morning with Tim before he goes to work, and his days can be very long.  He is also better at dealing with them in those first few minutes, and motivating them to complete their chores (if Delaney's up, Annie is too).  If they sleep until 6:45, Tim will already be out the door and I'll be on my own.  But I did it on my own last year and it was fine.  I also pack her lunch and pick her clothes every night, so that's always done.

On the other hand, her school is a seven-minute drive away, but her morning bus ride is almost an hour.  An hour on the bus to go to a school that's just a few miles away seems excessive to me, and makes her day unnecessarily long.  Once we start extracurriculars, those could be VERY long days.  My neighbor says she's going to start driving her son to school after daylight savings time starts (or ends?), because that's when she starts having a hard time getting him up.  But I see no reason to wait that long if I already know that taking her to school is the better option.  As far as time with Tim in the morning .. hmm.  As long as he's home for dinner most nights, they'll have enough time together.  We gave the morning bus a try this week, and now I think I'll start driving her next week.  I'm still happy with her afternoon bus ride since she's one of the first stops, and because I don't have to interfere with naptime.  The new bus stop is about a stone's throw from our driveway, which is a bonus this year.
Her eczema is starting to flare up again just like I knew it would with increased time spent outdoors in the heat and humidity and less time in the pool.  But she gives me a hard time when I want to put the prescription cream on before school.  I'm trying to help and prevent it from getting as bad as it got in the spring, a scaly mess of broken and red skin on the backs of her knees.  She tries to evade me and half the time the she leaves the house with no moisturizer on her legs.  I put a jar of it in her backpack, but I tried that last year too, and she never remembered to do it.  I made a note about it to her teacher just so she's aware (like if she notices Delaney scratching a ton), but I wouldn't expect the teacher to remind her.  She has enough going on as it is.  How do I get Delaney to take some responsibility for her own skin care?  She starts soccer again in a couple weeks, and I'd hate to watch her have another season of standing on the field itching and barely participating.

Yesterday she got off the bus and started running with a big smile on her face.  It was so nice to see.  She told me that they'd celebrated her birthday at school that day.  She'd gotten to eat a cupcake and pick something out of the treasure box.  She waved her little plastic butterfly excitedly.  ".. And tonight is movie night!  It's the best day ever!"  I'd been holding my breath every day waiting to see which Delaney would get off the bus -- grumpy, happy, or just OK -- so it was a breath of fresh air to see her so joyful.

And now the long weekend begins.  We'll do some shopping at the big mall in Durham and get her some running shoes she can wear with socks.  She hated the cute closed-toe Keen-like sandals I got her this past spring that I thought would be perfect.  Her feet sweated in them.  Annie got a pair like them and her feet sweated too and got super stinky.  Those two have the sweatiest feet around.  I can't buy them those Croc ballet flats anymore either.  Flipflops, completely open sandals, or shoes with socks, those are the options.  We all need some new things so we're going to make a day of it.  It's daunting, but we did it last fall and survived.


  1. Long bus rides are a bummer. If given the option, I would definitely drive her in the mornings for the same reasons you mentioned. I think the school day is long enough as it is when they're so young, why add all of that unnecessary time. Our neighbor gets on the bus at 6:45-6:50 and I know that her school doesn't start until 8:10 so she's on way over an hour as well. The biggest drawback to driving for me would be loading up my other kid during the cold/winter months...

    1. I am really glad to have an attached garage. I can load the kids in the car in pajamas year-round.

      The car is working out in the morning. But she's missing her dad so she's started getting up early again anyway.