Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our vacation -- the happy part :)

Now that you've enjoyed my impotent rantings about the challenges we faced on this vacation, I'm moving on to what made it awesome.  We had beautiful weather and we had so much fun together.  I loved watching the kids get to know their Ohio family all over again.  I loved seeing my newest nephew cling to my sister like a baby koala.  I loved staying up way past my bedtime talking on the balcony with my sisters, then listening to the waves as I drifted off to sleep.  I loved having Mom make me dinner again too.  Thanks, Mom!

It took me a couple days to get over the funk I descended into the minute we all drove away last Saturday.  I miss them all so very much, but I'm so happy we got to have this week together.  It was an adventure, that's for sure.  And now we have a visit from Grace to look forward to in a couple weeks!
Timmy and my dad (aka Papaw)
Annie, Delaney and Jaden (age 5)
My sister Grace, Timmy and my dad on our last morning in the "house of horrors" -- you can see it looming in the background on the right.
Delaney with the boogie board -- she never got tired of the rough waves.
Annie, Timmy and I
Annie loved to wallow in the surf and sand.
Aspen (age 7) digging a hole for Timmy
Jaden and Delaney
My sister Sophie and her son Damien (9 mos)
Mom and Timmy
Timmy was tossing a rubber frog that he knew Scotty (with the green floatie on) was a little scared of.  He was amusing himself very much.
Delaney and Annie
My brother Scotty and his wife Faith enjoying a margarita on the beach.  They made me one too.  It was yummy.
Timmy and Scotty (just turned 3 this month)
Grace and I
All the siblings except Anna.  (I'm really glad Faith told me to hold my frozen yogurt cone lower!  I would have looked ridiculous.)
Grace, Damien and Annie
Mom and Dad

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