Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yucky day craft

The last part of February has been filled with lots of cold, yucky, dreary, rainy days, and it's been getting to all of us.  I'd been seeing these coffee filter crafts here and there, and recently at a Valentine's Day event at Annie's school.  We gave it a try ourselves this past Sunday during naptime and it was a lot of fun.

The instructions I found called for markers, but these Do-A-Dot paints they got for Christmas from Auntie Sam work much better, I think.  Whoever invented those paints is a genius -- everything good about paint but no containers and brushes to clean, and no splatter.  To make a suncatcher, you just dab the colors all over, spray them with water and let the colors run, then let dry.  I got out the paintbrushes to help blend the colors, but mostly because the girls like them.
Silly Delaney!
It's hard to find a project that will keep Annie's attention for longer than 10 minutes, but she LOVED this, and she made suncatchers from the time she got up from her nap until it was time to clean up for dinner.  Bonus: Timmy's nap went later than usual.  I'd been prepared to coax him into his booster and keep him there with whatever it took.
Annie showed us that the more water you use, the better.
I had everything we needed on hand, the girls passed the paints and water back and forth nicely for an HOUR, they cleaned up the mess (there wasn't much) themselves, and we ended up with a nice product.  Can't beat that.  

Here they are on the windows today, thumbing their noses at the gloom.
The next day I showed them how to make the remaining ones into flowers, but they weren't into that as much.  I think it took a little more dexterity than either of them has right now.  I had fun making the flowers and I like how my little bouquet cheers this place up.

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