Friday, June 10, 2011

It's official:  our backyard is off limits for the girls to play in until December -- or at least until we have this ant problem figured out once and for all.  The ants attacked again yesterday morning, two days after the Orkin man came to treat the yard.  Annie got bites all over her foot, and I only got three on my toes when I went to rescue her, but my whole foot is swollen and itchy.  Even the bones in my foot are sore.  At this moment, I have my foot submerged in ice water to keep from itching it.  The After Bite and Rite Aid bite and sting remedy, which helped so much yesterday, won't even touch it today.  The itch is so insistent that I can't stop thinking about it.  This itch is pure hell.  And it's a crying shame I have to tell my two little girls they are not allowed to play in their yard.

The only good news is that the ant bites don't seem to bother Annie one bit.  Thank God!  If I had what she has on her foot, I would be in such misery.  And I do not think the reason she hasn't complained is because she's being a "trooper," as her daddy supposes.  I wish he could have seen the way she carried on yesterday over a tiny scrape on her knee that barely drew blood!  I think that for whatever reason, the ant venom does not trigger the same histamine reaction in her that it does in me.

She has some on the bottom too -- eek!  By the way, aren't you glad this isn't a picture of my foot?:)

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  1. Yikes!!! I've never heard of such ants. I've heard of killer ants and the annying kind that keep getting in the pantry, but not those type. I wonder if it has something to do with the kind of dirt in your back yard? What does the Orkin man keep saying? Sounds like they're immune to whatever he's spraying. Anyway, sorry the girls can't play and you're all itchy. Not fun for anyone.