Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warning: Boring and Contains no Pictures of the Children

This is a little rant about one of life's little frustrations:

As I've mentioned before, I love to check out Quantico Yard Sales on a regular basis, because I never know when I'm going to see something really good being sold for dirt cheap.  It hardly ever happens, but when it does, I'm like, 'Woo-hoo!'  This morning, I kind of  had a 'woo-hoo' moment when I saw someone was selling 65 baby DVDs for a dollar apiece, 10 of which were Baby Signing Time videos.  Baby Signing Time!  For over two years I've been on the look-out for cheap Baby Signing Time videos.  I've never seen them being sold used until today.  They retail for $22 each on the website.  I remember when I lived in Massachusetts, my friend Maureen and I would check them out of the library and watch them together with our kids.  There were only two in circulation in the entire Central Massachusetts library system.  I looked for them here at the Quantico Library, but there were none.  I didn't bother becoming a member of any other library around here, and I decided, 'Oh well.  Annie will not be watching Baby Signing Time videos.'

There are lots of baby signing videos out there, and I've seen some of them.  Most are terrible, in my opinion, and boring for the kids.  These Baby Signing Time videos are well-produced, fun, and entertaining.  There is a whole series of at least 10 or 15, with titles like, "Baby's First Signs", "My Day," and "The Zoo Train."  They are not to be confused with just Signing Time.  There is a Signing Time series also, and it is NOT the same thing, not even close.  Looking at the Baby Signing Time website, I now see they are calling themselves both Signing Time and Baby Signing Time.  I wonder if they shut down the cheap imitation or made them change their name?

The woman who posted this ad also had some pictures of the DVDs, and I could see that these were, in fact, the real thing.  I replied to her ad, saying that I would like to buy five of the Baby Signing Time DVDs.  There were so many other kinds of videos in there, including Baby Einstein and baby yoga, Kidzercise, Classical Baby, Leapfrog and whatnot.  But honestly, who needs or wants that many DVDs for a baby?  I think we might have 65 DVDs total in our household, for kids and grownups.  Probably not even that.  More like 45.  I pictured this woman as so hell-bent on making her kid into the smartest, most well-rounded  in the world, that she just went crazy buying DVDs.  Hope her baby grew up to be a bonehead, haha.

When I returned this morning from my dental checkup, I saw that she had replied to my email, saying, "Sorry, but they are only being sold as a set for $65, as stated in the ad."  (It didn't exactly state that in the ad, by the way.  I just looked at it again and all it says is "65 baby DVDs for $65".  It doesn't say that they can't be sold separately.)  Well, good luck, lady, getting anyone to drop $65 on 65 baby DVDs that no one family could possibly need.  Maybe someone in the consignment business who will buy them all and turn around and sell them for $5 apiece.  It's a bummer that I won't be getting Baby Signing Time videos for a dollar each, but it would be insane to purchase 65 videos just to get the five, or at most ten that I wanted.  I already have Baby Einsteins, and we don't even watch them anymore.  If they were 10 cents apiece, I still wouldn't want them all.  But I'd probably buy them all anyway, and then donate what I didn't want.

Tim thinks I should do like the hypothetical consignment person, and buy them all for $65, then sell the ones I don't want for $5 apiece.  Hmm..

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