Saturday, June 19, 2010

Annalise at thirteen months

Annie has been busy this month: busy learning, busy growing, busy trying to get into everything she's not supposed to, busy perfecting her walking, busy pushing my buttons... She's gone from infant to toddler in a flash.  There are all kinds of things to talk about this month.

Annie has occasionally been attempting a few other words besides "mama" and "dada."  Here they are in no particular order:

"Bub.  Bub."  Bubbles.
(While scratching my foot) "Tick.  Tick."  (She also says this while trying to tickle her own feet or underneath her fat little chin).
"Baba."  Baby.
"Pa-boo."  Peekaboo.

She has her two top front teeth now, and she looks so different with a four-toothed smile.  Or grimace.

She has long been fond of her "Lovey," cuddling up with it to sleep since she was a small infant; but now, she's really attached.  Do NOT get between her and Lovey.  It will not go well for you.  Lovey is a soft little blanket, fleece on one side, satin on the other.  In the center of the blanket is a little bear with matted down fur and outstretched arms.  I bought it for her hoping it would become her favorite toy.  And just like  The Velveteen Rabbit, that bear is one well-loved happy little toy.  I think to myself sometimes, 'I really ought to wash that thing; it hasn't been washed in awhile.'  But it's hard to find an opportunity.  It's so cute the way she hugs it to her chest and walks around with it.  If I leave it in her crib, she'll try to reach through the bars and grab it.  If she can't reach it, she starts to whimper until I get it out for her.  Sometimes she burrows her face into it and sucks on its nose.  If I tell her to go find Lovey, she will, and when she finds it, she'll rub it against her face.  When she wasn't feeling well for a few days, she would sometimes lay down and put her face on it.
I found out just how attached she is to it one night at bathtime.  Delaney had a new potty chair in the upstairs bathroom where they take their baths.  Delaney had just peed in it, and then poured the pee into the toilet.  There were still a couple stray drops of pee in the little bowl.  While I was running the bath and helping Delaney get undressed, Annie walked up and plopped Lovey into the bowl.  I said, "Noo, Annie!"  I picked up Lovey and took it out of the room, not sure what I would do next.  Annie started to cry hysterically, just the saddest cry ever, and huge tears began running down her face.  I gave her a hug and tried to reassure her that everything was going to be OK.  But no, she would not be comforted until I handed her back her Lovey that had been dropped in Delaney's little potty bowl.  Yes, I let her nuzzle and mouth the thing that she had just dropped in her sister's little potty, and I know that's gross.
My favorite game to play with her is to tell her I'm going to get her and she'd better run.  Then I watch her stagger as she tries to figure out how to run, looking at me and giggling until she loses her balance and  falls on her bum.  Then I catch her and tickle her.

There's another side of Annie we saw a lot of this month. This kid has a scary temper.  I don't know who she thinks died and put her in charge, but when she doesn't get her way, she throws a screaming fit.  Her face turns purple and she shrieks so loud it pierces your eardrums.  Anything can set her off: stumbling and bumping her head, being told she can't play with something, or just because.. why not?  Tim blames me for her "diva-like" behavior, saying that Delaney was never like that and I treat Annie differently than I treated Delaney.  If I have spoiled her by loving her, then I guess I'm guilty.  But I would never take back a single kiss or cuddle.  And I maintain that I am not treating her any differently than I treated Delaney at the same age.  Tim says I "baby" Annie.  I'm pretty sure I "babied" Delaney just as much.  When they're babies, I treat them like babies!  They are just different kids.  Annie tries to mess with the knobs on the stove.  Delaney never did.  That's a second child for you, I guess.

She spends a lot of time following me around, clinging to my legs, crying and whining.  She is such a grump these days.  Tim keeps saying to me, "What did you do to her?" (It couldn't possibly be his fault!) Sometimes if Tim's there, I'll just leave the room and take a break from her.  I hope this phase passes quickly.  I want my happy baby back!

Just in the last couple of days, she's started waking up very early in the morning again, around 3 or 5.  I just read in a Babycenter article that between 12 and 14 months, babies start to actively dream, and that can startle them awake.  Maybe that's what's happening to her.  I wonder what she dreams about?  My demise, probably.

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