Monday, September 18, 2017

Grace's wedding

Back in May we went to Cincinnati for Grace's wedding, and I'm so excited to have pictures to share. Grace was a stunning bride and our cousin Olivia did an amazing job as photographer. I don't know how Grace is going to decide which ones to hang up. All of them?
Grace and Joey
It was a very rainy afternoon during the picture-taking window, which was really funny after the fact. In response to someone's comment about the rain being romantic, Olivia said, "I assure you, there was nothing romantic about me and Joey in that gazebo." They were in there during a torrential downpour with sideways rain. I was probably feeding Elise junk food in the back of Grace's car and praying it would pass. It was raining a little in this picture, but amazingly enough we don't look wet.
The handsomest little ringbearer, Damien
I love this SO much.
Fact: Grace and Anna picked out all the flowers by hand, most of them at Trader Joe's. We put all the bouquets, corsages and boutineers together in Anna's dining room. I say "we," but all I really did was trim off leaves because I have no florist skills. She had THE most beautiful flowers of any wedding I've ever seen, in my humble opinion. I love the way all those colors pop against the gray.
You'd never guess we were sisters, right?
The original seven of us -- plus Elise
Grace, Joey, Lotus, Elise and .. baby boy due in January makes 5!

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