Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Dreamy Topsail Vacation

When you plan a vacation and you've got four littles, the youngest of whom is a toddler, you go into it cautiously hopeful. You hope for decent weather, but if it rains half the time it's not the end of the world. You hope the toddler sleeps, but you know he has a spotty record so you have to be ready to gut out some rough nights and focus on the fun days. When you read your cousin's harrowing story about a vacation bug, you hope and pray for no sicknesses. But if it happens it will last a day or two and everything will be great afterward. You hope the place you're staying in is at least nicer than this. The goal is to come out of it with enough good memories to outweigh any bad, and that's always been true in the end. Cautiously hopeful, that's how you need to be.

What you don't dare to hope for is that the stars will all align, the baby will sleep every night and nap every day, the sun will shine all the time, and everything will be perfect. But that's what happened on our trip to Topsail, NC last week. 

We sat out in the sun watching the kids play, and didn't sweat because it never got hotter than mid-80s, and there was a gentle breeze. I had to be really be on top of sunscreen application because it's too easy to burn when it feels that nice in the sun.
They spent hours catching little fish, digging little pools for them, and then moving the pools as the tide came in or out.
Can you tell Delaney and Jaden apart? I couldn't half the time.
We boogeyboarded.
We took walks at sunset and had drinks on the back deck looking out at the ocean. I had to wear a sweatshirt a lot of times in the evening because it got chilly, and I LOVED that. 
We had toddler dance parties in the living room.
The kids had lots of quality cousin time and sleepovers.
We flew kites.
My mom, sisters and sister-in-law got away for a ladies' lunch. So much fun. A new tradition is born! 
We had many family photo sessions at sunset. 
Not everyone was happy about it.

Go figure she wanted to be in the picture with the boys. LOL.
It's not a werefolf. It's Delaney with all her hair blowing in her face.
This was just the break from reality we needed before we had to start getting the house ready for movers (Okinawa!!!!!!). Every day we were there I would take a look around and thank God for the gift of another amazing day with this wonderful family of ours.

Massachusetts family, we're coming for you next!

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