Thursday, February 16, 2017

Joey: 14 Months

We now have a toddler!

He finally, on the very day he turned 14 months, decided he likes to walk more than he likes to crawl. I thought he was my latest walker, but I just checked my blog archives and read Timmy's 14-month update. Timmy was still not walking at that time, so it's just another reason I'm so glad I write these things down. My memory stinks! Reading through that update, it looks like Joey is Timmy all over again. The kisses and high-fives on request, the climbing everything, and the phasing out of the morning nap .. check, check and check.
As I type this he is having a morning nap, but that has been more and more seldom an occurrence. For one thing, life often interferes and a morning nap isn't possible. But half the time, whenever we are home, he refuses to take one. My favorite baby sleep book says that most kids don't give up their morning naps until they're about 16 months old. But it also says all kids are different, and I already knew that.:) So I am holding onto it for a little while longer, but it is soon to be a thing of the past. Just like I said in Timmy's update, it is really better for me once the morning nap goes away. I get out and do things more in the morning, with that nap excuse gone.
The one glaring difference between Joey and Timmy at this age has to do with nighttime sleep. Timmy slept from 7 to 7. Joey goes to bed easily at 7, but he usually wakes up once or twice in the middle of the night, crying like someone pinched him. I go in there, pat this back, whisper sweet nothings, and then tiptoe out. Then several minutes go by and I hear him crying again, I do the same thing, and then it might even happen one more time. He's allowed to get up for the day at 6, but oftentimes wakes up crying hysterically at 5:40. Why, Joey, why?
He babbles and points at things all the time, and I talk to him about all the things he points to with his questioning chirps. He said his first word, "Hello," while holding my phone to his ear. I found that funny considering he hardly ever sees me use it for talking. I don't like talking on the phone much.

He's doing a much better job eating this month. He's kind of picky and he still doesn't do well with certain textures, but I can get him to eat something every meal. I give him a fruit and veggy pouch every day with either lunch or dinner to make sure he's getting enough of those because he may or may not be able to handle the texture of the real thing. A long-time believer of baby-led weaning, I never wanted to get into the habit of giving him purees. The other kids didn't need them. But it turns out they have their place. When I have a little guy who's not getting as many calories as is optimal, not eating as many kinds of solid foods as I'd like, and I'm trying to cut back on nursing at the same time .. for all of these reasons I am finding them useful. Those pouches are the easiest thing too -- he just sucks it all down. I foresee taking many of those pouches with me on a long plane ride in the future.
As I already mentioned, everything I talk about comes back to Okinawa sooner or later. When it comes to Joey, it is usually with a feeling of horror that I remember that this moody kid who is most manageable (really ONLY manageable) at home in his familiar routines, is going with us. We are going to be displaced for weeks and living out of suitcases before we settle down into a home there. Deep breaths.. I might as well face it, I'm scared. I keep pushing it out of my mind and then it keeps coming to me. 

Between now and then I am looking to cut back nursing to no more than three times a day, but preferably two. He does not nurse much while traveling, and I do not want to pump on a plane or in an airport. This week I've dropped the dinnertime session, and that leaves four times: first thing in the morning, mid-morning, before the afternoon nap, and before bed.

This morning we all had to go to the dental clinic for exams as part of overseas screening. All the dentist wanted to do was look in Joey's mouth and count his teeth. That was the extent of the exam; he didn't even make him sit in a chair. But Joey wouldn't have it. He buttoned up his lips like nothing to see here. I'm guessing that when he finally does have to start visiting the dentist for cleanings and exams, it's going to be about as much fun as it was getting his hair cut the first time. *eyeroll* But at least there will be no scissors involved.
Just wanted to throw in one of my shots from our photo session on the back of the truck:)

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