Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A visit, a birthday celebration and an early Christmas present:)

Tim's parents flew down from Massachusetts for a quick visit last Thursday, and left Monday morning. I think they were hoping for a break from New England winter, but instead they took it with them. It went from being in the 70s to being in the 40s and 50s right after they got here. Then yesterday after they drove away, right back up to the 70s. They probably hated that, but I for one LOVED getting out the jackets and the hats. It felt like real December and Christmastime.

We went downtown for ice cream after dinner on Friday, and since the ice cream place is also a coffee house we were able to stay warm.
Photo by Tim Sr. Why is that important to know? I don't know, it just is.
Photo by Tim Sr

I believe it was while I was taking the picture below I uttered something like, "Someday I'm going to have a real camera that can take awesome pictures." Foreshadowing.. 

But the iPhone pictures aren't even too bad.
I found this next picture while looking through my phone. Tim must have taken it later that night. Me lying on the floor next to the Christmas tree reading a book and breathing fraser fir-scented air while Annie plays with my hair. That is the essence of contentment for me right there.
The next morning brought a little surprise for me that the kids couldn't wait to tell me about. Chippy had brought me a note and a big present.
I finally got the upgrade I've been wishing for. Oh my! Elation and joy gave way to bewilderment as I opened the box and got a look at all that gear. I have a lot to learn. I was also given my present from Tim Sr to open. It's a book called "Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs." It is basically a dummy's guide to photography. Whenever I have a few minutes I've been reading the lessons and trying to practice them. My two biggest takeaways to begin with are: 1) The only settings you need to take good pictures are P, aperture priority and shutter priority. 2) Forget you have Auto and scene selections. There's a start! The pressure is on to learn everything I can before our Christmas trip to Ohio. For a long time now, I've felt so limited in my ability to capture our memories the way I SEE THEM. Now, if I can really apply myself to learning this hobby, that will change.

Here are some of the first pictures ever taken with my very first DSLR camera. The quality of the photos drops off pretty sharply as the daylight went away.
I had my hair done that morning too. More brunette than ever and grays thoroughly camouflaged. Saturday was a good day!
That evening we celebrated Joey's birthday a few days early since neither his daddy nor his grandparents would be in town for the actual day. 
photo credit: Tim Sr
Quickly posing him while the special hat and bib are in place and visible..
Tim gave him his cake and ice cream with a spoon, and at first he just stared at it and poked it with the spoon. Then one of the girls gave him a taste on her finger to motivate him. He tried harder to get the food on the spoon, but had no success. Then he dropped the spoon and then just dove in to the delight of us all. Pardon the terrible pictures. A good camera does not a good photographer make.
Here he was looking all civilized, giving the spoon the old college try.
Fast forward about 10 minutes -- who needs a spoon when you've got your hands and face?
After birthday cake we gave Joey his birthday presents and then the rest of us exchanged Christmas presents. Joey was so happy to have new things. He's used to the same old hand-me-downs from big brother.
The cutest American Girl doll outfits!
And those are the highlights.

I just want to leave you with a few more of my new camera shots if you've hung in there with me to this point. Uploading pictures to Blogger is now a way more time-consuming process.
The Wheely Bee was a win for Joey. He pushed and pulled that thing around for two days straight, although he's not comfortable using it as a scooter yet. Timmy also loves it and rides it all around the house.

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