Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Family Pictures -- Finally!

We finally got new family pictures done last weekend, and I love how they turned out. We had a perfect fall day, and three of the four kids being very cooperative because they know it's in their best interest to make me happy. The location was a spot the photographer had been to before, a tree swing on the riverbank about a minute from downtown Beaufort. Once we were done with pictures we went down the street for dinner and ice cream. It was a really fun evening.

It's just about impossible to narrow it down to a few of my favorites to share here, but I'll do my best. This family of mine is my pride and joy, and these pictures make me so happy.
Four distinct personalities .. We always marvel about how no two of them are anything alike.
Ashley told us to look at one another. Lol, perfect.
Tim and I always say to each other things like, "These kids drive us crazy, but we have the best life." This picture is the embodiment of that feeling for me.
Annie's managed to keep all of her baby teeth for 7 1/2 years and counting. Is that a record?

He just loved that swing. I've got 15 pictures of him laughing his head off on that swing. I love that big dimpled smile of his.
I love those beautiful brown eyes.
Joe is stingy with his smiles. You have to earn them! His scar from falling off the bar stool is healing nicely. When it first happened I couldn't imagine how because it was such a big deep gash. 
My buddy!
I wanted a picture of all of us walking toward the camera; so Ashley had us all line up and then said, "OK, start walking slowly toward me." The result: these three zombie children. Cracks me up.
This looks a little more natural.:)

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