Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas phone dump

Everybody's back to school and work today, and it's finally just me and Nugget at home. I finally got him down for a nap and we'll see how long he lasts. He hasn't been the best at napping of late, and he's been a pretty high-maintenance newborn overall, so I really have to use whatever time I have to myself wisely. Usually I use it for sleep.

Lest you think I forgot about my other kids after he was born, I want to type up a quick Christmas post. I didn't take many pictures this time (my hands were full) and it was a very quiet Christmas anyway. But the kids got to take part in some fun activities in the days leading up to it, and lucky for me I could relax at home with Joey while Tim took them. They were some VERY lucky kids on Christmas morning. Santa and the family were good to them. The favorite gifts this year were anything that had to do with Star Wars, for Delaney and Timmy. Delaney got the R2D2 suitcase that was on her wishlist, and Timmy got a Storm Trooper (I think?) bike and a Darth Vader watch among other things. Tim took them to see the new Star Wars movie over the break too, and it was a hit. When it comes to base, I'll take Annie to see it too. Annie tells us that she got nothing on her wishlist for Santa, which came as a surprise since I remember her putting American girl clothes on that list. But she seemed happy anyway. That girl never knows what she wants. I think she liked her new clothes and hair things. Santa very thoughtfully brought Joey some of the items on his Amazon registry, like a white noise machine. I've been enjoying that thing for my naps too, when Joey won't nap and Tim's there to hold him. With everyone at home, a white noise machine is essential for getting any peace and quiet. One day I turned it off after waking up and immediately heard, "Mama. Mama."

Here are my favorite photos from Christmas, and just in time for me to make another Joey post -- Kim's going to be giving me the photos from his newborn session this afternoon.
These first two pics are from our neighbor's gingerbread house party. Those are some sugared-up kids!
Christmas card photo outtakes. These are good, actually, but I had a specific vision of what I wanted the card to be. Maybe next year's card can be more fun and less serious.
My snowman wreath I made myself even though I'm not crafty. Hope he survives storage until next year!
Christmas morning. Right after I took this picture, Tim passed a fussy Joey to me, so I was only able to take pictures here and there as I'm not good at multitasking while holding a squirmy baby.
Miposaur -- Delaney's latest substitute for a real pet. Last year it was Furby. Miposaur is not nearly as needy as a dog, but he IS always hungry for more batteries. 
Mermaid tails made by Aunt Anna
Outside the chapel after Mass. Don't judge me for wearing flipflops. It was 70 degrees out and my feet were still too swollen for any of my other shoes.
And here it is, a new year. What a lot has changed since last January. I couldn't be happier, even with the sleep deprivation. We are incredibly blessed.

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