Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Joey's First Week

Yesterday marked one week with Joey. It has been the most wonderful week. Kind of tiring for me sometimes, yes, but just so happy. He is the sweetest baby, and we are all so smitten.
It was nice having him on Monday of a school week because then we had a quiet house for most of those first five days. It is way easier for me to rest in a quiet house, and those were the days I needed it most. Tim got to take a couple weeks off so it was just us lazing around and cuddling Joey for a good chunk of the day.
It's fun having a newborn around again. I'd forgotten all the cute little noises and faces they make. The kids are so amused by him. They have also discovered that kissing him is addicting, and they are constantly planting kisses on his cheeks and forehead. 
Afternoon nap with Mama
He does what is typical of a newborn: nurses a lot, poops a lot, sleeps a lot, and once in awhile opens his eyes and looks around like, 'Why am I here? How did this happen?' I tried swaddling him last night before laying him in the rock 'n play to sleep, and he gave me a three- and a four-hour stretch of sleep. Yay for Joey! 
I have to say this has been my easiest recovery of all my births. I've had to actually remind myself numerous times to just sit down and relax. I started feeling so normal almost immediately, that I wanted to sweep, vacuum and pick up. I had to tell myself no, you are not lifting a finger. Whatever needs to be done, Tim can do it or it can wait. Like Tim says about a dirty floor -- just don't look down. (It's impossible for me to not look down. I have swept just once or twice, but the rest of the time I sit on my butt and Tim does everything else.) I am so grateful that I sustained only the most minimal damage when Joey was born -- not even a stitch needed -- and within a day or two I honestly couldn't believe I'd just had a baby. That's a first. Overall, for whatever reason, I have felt a lot more like myself and not so depleted the way I did right after the other three were born. That said, we did have a few rough nights and I felt plenty depleted then. But so much better than when I was 40 weeks pregnant! 
I looked over at Timmy and suddenly realized he was huge.
Our neighbors have been bringing us dinner since the day he was born and that will last right up to Christmas. Whenever I express gratitude for that, I think it insults Tim a little since he's a great cook. He says, "Yeah, because you wouldn't eat otherwise?" But it's more to it than just the food and the pile of sweets growing on the counter that we'll never be able to finish. I feel so blessed to be part of this little community of women who take care of each other so well. Besides, not all husbands can cook, and even if they can, why not give them a little break from it too?
We were both so relieved to be done with the PKU (the dreaded heel-stick)
I managed to get our Christmas cards made and mailed. They should be arriving in mailboxes today. When he was two days old we sat all the kids down in front of the tree just hoping to get one halfway decent picture. They delivered. Out of about 20 we got exactly one.
And that's our first week as a family of six. Couldn't ask for better. 


  1. Beautiful! Love the shot of Timmy and Joey - you're right, he does look huge! And, the Christmas card is beautiful! I'm happy you've had an easy recovery and that he's giving you some sleep. Merry Christmas to your family of six!

  2. That Christmas card gives me the warm fuzzies. Love it so much. Hope you all have a merry Christmas!

  3. That Christmas card gives me the warm fuzzies. Love it so much. Hope you all have a merry Christmas!

  4. He is so deliciously perfect! Congrats again :)
    My recovery with #4 was a breeze too. I wish I had savored it a bit more like you are though…I just took advantage and got right back to the regularly scheduled programing. I remember taking all 4 kids to Target when Emmy was like 5 days old, lol! WHAT was I thinking?! Anyway, glad you are relaxing during this special time with your bitty one :)
    LOVE the holiday card too! Merry Christmas to your beautiful family :)