Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This morning

This morning it looked as if we'd be leaving for school on a bad note. It happens all too often around here in the time between when breakfast is over and our car backs out of the garage. Someone gets mad at someone else, a yelling match ensues, maybe it gets physical, I attempt to referee, blah, blah. Eventually all is forgotten hours later, and they are best of friends again, but it really wears on me. I'm always asking them, "Why do you guys have to be this way to each other?"

Delaney and Timmy started a pretend game with her as the mommy and him as the baby. Annie started picking on both of them, just pushing their buttons. With about five minutes to go before we left, Delaney was crying because Annie had taken back every toy she'd ever given her and told her and Timmy both that she wished they were not her brother and sister.

I told everybody it was time to leave. They all went out to the garage and then Delaney came back in because she'd forgotten her backpack. I told her, "Delaney, I think the reason your sister is being this way to you guys is because she's jealous. She sees you two playing a game that she isn't a part of, and it makes her sad. And when she gets sad she gets mad and starts being mean. I'm not excusing her behavior, just saying why she does it."

I didn't expect anything to result from that conversation, but I was surprised to hear Delaney saying to Annie as I approached the car to get in, "Annie, when we get home, would you like to play the game that Timmy and I were playing, with us?" I saw Annie's eyes widen with confusion at the unexpected peace offering, and then she said, "Yes." To see and hear this was huge for me. I wanted to praise Delaney for the kindness she had shown toward her sister who had been so mean to her, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. It was such a bright, grace-filled spot in the morning that I knew I would have to write it down. This is possible! It really happened. It was a shot of hope and joy into my weary heart.

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