Friday, November 28, 2014


We had a quiet Thanksgiving here at home.  I went for a nice long run in lieu of a turkey trot.  The kids played all day down the street in "other" Delaney and Timmy's backyard.  Tim cooked us up a big old yummy feast.  

Lately I've struggled a lot with being grateful, even though I have countless reasons to be.  I can't keep the house clean enough, the kids drive me crazy, and we're getting into a busy time of year, and I feel bogged down with all there is to do.  But if I stop to look around, I am so incredibly blessed.  I've got these three beautiful kids who really are good despite their quirks (which I guess is what those who love me say about me), the most wonderful husband and father in Tim, and a nice big house in a great neighborhood.  We are at the beginning of a three-year duty station during which we can expect Tim to be home the majority of weekends and holidays, and not deployed at all.  We have our health and we have everything we need and most of what we want.  (Tim still pines for a Mustang.)

I miss updating my blog more often, but it's hard to even know where to start lately.  It just doesn't flow anymore the way it used to.  But it's been so much fun to have these past few years, I'd hate to let it fizzle out.  I've got Tim's parents' visit coming up, the girls' first (and maybe last) ballet recital, Christmas, and maybe all of that will be enough to jump-start me.  

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