Monday, March 17, 2014

Family game night

For this Lent, in addition to giving up a couple things, we've decided to try "taking up" a couple things.  One of those things is a family game night on Sundays.  This has been so much fun that I think we'll keep it going after Easter.  I love that we can sit around a table and do this kind of thing together.  Even Timmy participates as best he can, and he cracks me up as he watches and learns from the rest of us.  He's a quick study too -- last night he and I were a team with Uno, and he was good at picking which cards to put down.

These games are a good thing for us all.  The kids learn that competition is fun and losing isn't the end of the world.  We all laugh.  We've gotten to a point where parenting isn't just feeding mouths and wiping bums.  It means having some fun little people to hang around with too.
This video of Timmy kills me every time: "I'm.. cake?  .. I'm chicken?" in that cute little voice -- I just want to squeeze him!

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