Monday, January 20, 2014

Snippets of dinner conversation (in which Delaney ponders the future)

Delaney shows Tim a card she made for him this afternoon and it has a sticker on it that says "daddy's girl."
Tim: Yeah, who's daddy's girl?
Delaney:  You are.  Wait, I am.  I'm the girl and you're the daddy.
Me: I'm glad we've got that established.
A little while later, after siblings have left the table..
Delaney: How old will I be when Annie's 15?
Me: What's 15 + 2?
Delaney: 17.  What will happen when I'm 17?
Tim: We'll be getting ready to kick you out.  You'll be a senior in high school.
Delaney: What happens when I'm 18?
Tim: You'll be a freshman in college.  And where are you going for college?
Delaney: Notre Dame.
Me: Yeah, because he can't wait to send you off to the midwest where he won't see you for months at a time because you're daddy's girl.
Tim: That's not true.  I'll be up there for at least every home game.
Delaney: Yay!
Me: Football season only lasts a couple months and after that you won't hear from daddy.
Tim: No, that's not true because you'll play a sport too, and I'll want to come watch you play.
Delaney: What happens when I'm 19?
Tim: You'll be a sophomore in college.
Delaney: What happens when I'm 20?
Tim: You'll be a junior in college.
Delaney: What happens when I'm 21?
Tim: You graduate college.
Delaney: What happens when I'm 22?
Tim: Well, that depends.  If you're going to be a vet you have to go to school for that next.  It will probably be for four years.
Me: You can go to Massachusetts for that. [After that follows a brief discussion of Tufts Veterinary School, and how they've got lots of land and horses..]
Delaney: Oh good, because I want to live in Massachusetts.  What happens after vet school?
Tim: You go to work as a vet.
Delaney: How long will I have to work?  [After going back and forth a couple more times we figure out that she's trying to ask how long a typical workday is.]
Me: Probably normal workdays, morning to evening.
Delaney: Good, because I want to make sure I have time to be a mom.  I'll have time to be a mom too, right?
Me: Yes, Delaney, you'll have time to be a mom too, if that's what you want to do.
Tim: How about you just worry about finishing first grade.


  1. Wow, she is amazing! Such a blessing in your life to have Delaney looking up to her mom and dad with such love, admiration, and sweetness! Makes all of those tough days as a parent so worthwhile! You are both wonderful parents and role models!