Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going private

I looked at my stats for the first time in awhile, and when I saw some of the search words that led people to my blog, I almost threw up in my mouth.  I suddenly had a creepy-crawly feeling in my skin, and a sinking feeling that my little project I love so much is being viewed even for a split second by those people.  It turns out I'm a very naive person, and know nothing about the ways of the internets.  My itty-bitty blog that I'm always wanting people to notice..  Oh well.

I will be sending email invites, and if I forget anyone, please contact me.


  1. Sorry that happened - I completely understand. I tried looking at the same thing for my blog, but I couldn't see more than 10 words, luckily none were creepy in that 10.

    I would love to keep following along! Email gill0215 AT

  2. This is exactly why I made mine private...and kind of why I quit. I'll start again when it feels right but probably under a completely another blog address. I'd love an invite! Love keeping up with you guys, even though I don't always comment (I promise it's because somone pooped or spit up and needs my attention, not because I'm stalking you, HA!)

  3. I've really enjoyed reading your blog for quite awhile now. My sister is Alana and I began reading your blog with her when her dh was deployed. I'd love an invite if you go private! I can understand making that decision. I have my blog hidden from search engines (you can change that setting in your blogger dashboard), that way no one can find it by running a google earch for key words. It isn't private, but you'd have to be looking pretty hard to find it.

  4. Thanks. Amanda, I followed your suggestion and hid my blog from search engines. I think that should fix the issue for me. Daniella, it's OK, I've done some stalking on your blog too.:)